Bill Gates DJing On The Tonight Show

He had a go at break dancing as well...

So this just happened

Bill and Melinda Gates appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, ostensibly to promote their humanitarian causes. The pair spoke about their Annual Letter from the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, which aims to raise awareness about world poverty, health, education and other nobel causes.

Bill urged viewers to go to to read the 2016 letter and get involved in their causes. When asked by Fallon how much he wanted people to go to the site and read the letter, Bill said he'd "do anything".

The 'anything' in question turned out to be him manning a four deck vinyl set of big room EDM, before hitting the floor for a spot of break dancing with Melinda.

No doubt the video will help raise the desired awareness for the Gates Foundation, but we really wish he did a neknominate or something instead of this affront to dance music.

Also in a slight facepalm moment, Fallon and The Tonight Show repeatedly referred to the site as 'Gates Letter dot com', when it's actually 'Gates Notes', but don't worry Bill, we got you.

You can read Bill and Melina's letter here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

25 Feb 2016