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Enjoy this exclusive ACIDHOUSEWIFE Top 5 below from Lottie, then look ahead to their 103 takeover this Friday.

Enjoy this exclusive ACIDHOUSEWIFE Top 5 below from Lottie, then look ahead to their 103 takeover this Friday

Welcome to the notorious world of ACIDHOUSEWIFE, where this Friday night at Ministry of Sound – the club’s intimate 103 room will be hosted by The Gallery’s delightful DJ twosome of LOTTIE and SMOKIN JO. With previous ACIDHOUSEWIFE takeovers in London famed for welcoming a party orientated crowd and policy of underground house music across the board, this eclectic ethos is tailor made for the 103’s weekly formula of ‘house music all night long.’ So embracing this spirit, The Gallery faithful can look forward to this beloved genre in all its facets, starting from funky and soulful right through to those dark, twisted synths – sure to transform the 103 into an intense cauldron of sound.

Furthermore with Jo and Lottie considered established icons in the industry, both share a common bond after having played The Gallery regularly before – the latter in fact holding an esteemed Gallery residency which is considered pivotal in her career. Not forgetting Jo’s coveted residency slot at Turnmills, which paved the way for those hot, sticky nights on the Space Ibiza Terrace.

Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet - "Mind Yo Bizness"

Lottie: What a collaboration! Claude VonStroke is one of my favourites to hear live and my sets DJing before him and Justin Martin on the Space terrace are up there with my favourites ever. I think I have every Green Velvet track from the last couple of decades, so these two together rock my world. This track doesn't disappoint and it gets better every time I play it. Sharp cool production that makes you want to bounce.

Photon Inc. - "Generate Power" (Wild Pitch Mix)

This is one of DJ Pierres' finest moments and it knocked me for six when I first heard it and bought it back in 1994!  It's the definition of a perfect relentless groove and it paved the way for many imitators when it came out.  Gritty house perfection.  I will never tire of hearing this and have started playing it out again in most of my sets now.  My vinyl copy is a bit knackered though as you can imagine.

Phil Weeks - "Do That Dance"

I love and hate this track.  I love it because it's a gorgeous slice of acid house energy but hate it because it’s only about 3 minutes long - so it feels like I'm mixing out of it almost as soon as I've mixed it in.  Short, sharp and sassy stuff from the very talented Mr Weeks though.  Been playing this for years now.

Leonardo Gonnelli feat. Forrest - "Stay"

This is new to my sets and I love it's quirky sound.  It's deep and builds perfectly production wise but what sets this wonderful track apart are the smooth vocals.  I can't get enough of this at the moment.  It's so infectious and I think it's really going to gain momentum this year.  A mighty fine offering from Get Physical.

Charles B & Adonis - "Lack Of Love"

What can I say? Pure acid house.  I get asked for this all the time now.  A proper Hacienda classic that has stood the test of time.

ACIDHOUSEWIFE will be taking over 103 on Friday 26th February, while Cosmic Gate will be in The Box, tickets and info here.

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24 Feb 2016