Deadmau5 Turns Another Car Into A Joke On Wheels

It's not the first time the DJ has turned something priceless into something worthless.

Does the term ‘having more money than sense’ apply when a person has no sense at all?

Deadmau5 is surely a top contender for nonsensical DJ of the decade. The online miscreant adds to a catalogue of eye roll-inducing incidents with this latest colourful display of DGAF:

What we have here, ladies and gents, is a McLaren 650s Spider, covered in a car wrap that makes it look like a teenager's math's book.

Way to draw attention to yourself when you’re popping out for some milk, eh Joel?

It’s not the first time Zimmerman has wrapped a car the price of a house in a design fascia that leaves little to the imagination. Behold, the 'Purrari', a custom wrapped Ferrari that saw Deadmau5 issued with a cease and desist order from the makers themselves. 

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Written by Tamara Roper

22 Feb 2016