Jack Ü Looked Like Naughty School Boys At The Grammys

Jack Ü cleaned up at The Grammy's, but Diplex seriously need to practice their awards stance.

For an electronic music fan, the Grammy’s this year were focused around one act

Or, one act who’ve climbed to the highest highs of musical regard by getting a pop star to give them a leg up. Whichever way you look at it, Skrillex and Diplo eclipsed the prospect of anybody other than themselves winning in the electronic music categories.

Which is fair play. They’ve both worked fucking hard, grafting from successful musical project to successful musical project, navigating production, performance and several solo releases between them.

However, formal awards ceremonies are not where Skrillex and Diplo come to shine. Despite Sonny having now bagged more Grammy's than Daft Punk (?!), the two of them plus Justin Bieber proved that sometimes, no matter how famous you are, you can still look a bit awkward on stage.

In a move that seems almost designed to be make dance music as palatable as possible for the crusty Grammy's selection committee, the trio performed their entry for Best Dance Recording in way that's about as stylistically removed from dance music as it's possible to get. 

Skrillex seized the opportunity to remember his days as the frontman of popular screamo band, From First To Last. Note the power stance: the widened hips, the mosh that hasn’t lost an inch of pace since 2006 and the stage gallop.

Pair this with Bieber’s rigorous pop star training and you’re left with the two of them dancing around one another in a most curious fashion, climaxing at Bieb’s pulling out a "Hotline Bling" style samba whilst Skrillex desperately tries to remember the moves they practiced during rehearsal.

Unfortunately we're not treated to another showing from awkward-bass-playing Diplo. But rather Wes chooses to steer clear of the action, preferring to take his place as the little drummer boy who found himself sandwiched between some violinists and a power struggle between two musicians in the middle of a live identity crisis.

He makes more of an impact later on, however, after a very enthusiastic Lianne La Havas awards them the gold for ‘Best Dance Recording’.

At least 10 seconds of an Elton John instrumental plays out until Jack Ü finally shuffle out on stage, looking for all the world like an EDM version of 21 Jump Street. "Tiny Dancer" continues. Skrillex takes the golden gramophone. Diplo looks like he’s been caught shoplifting.

Comedy value ensues as the pair finally reach the stage. You can almost hear Diplo thinking “must. not. ass. grab.” as Lianna La Havas approaches with her congratulations; he just about manages to avoid it. Skrillex, meanwhile, props up the podium like someone whose been stood up on a date.

Seeing as it took them so long to get to the stage, thanks are kept short and sweet. Diplo shouts out everyone whose making “fusion music” - which sounds like he's shouting out his yoga instructors Spotify playlist - and Skrillex references something he’s previously said, without actually having said anything at all. 

They stage left, with Diplo pausing to pick up the envelope announcing that they’ve won. Presumably he’s going to frame it and put it in a bathroom, or maybe he thinks he needs to show flash it at a bouncer on the way out to prove it's actually his.

A fine effort boys. 

Shout out to your Grammys and your miraculous ability to make Justin Bieber a relevant artist after several years of making the entire world hate him. 

But, maybe next time you're going to be on the telly in front of millions of people, you should have a dress rehearsal first?

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Written by Tamara Roper

16 Feb 2016