Somebody's Made A 'Vladimir Putin Soundsystem'

Perfect for Putin on some bangers.

I'm sure you'll be Russian out to get them, right?

Vladimir Putin is up there with Martin Shkreli, Donald Trump and Kanye West as one of the most controversial men in the modern world. To Westerns he's a shadowy enigma and we don't really know anything about him beyond his penchant for power and topless horseback riding.

It seems that the Russian President can also be a source of inspiration as Sound Of Power speakers have turned Vlad into a home speaker system. The speakers, which were designed in Russia and built in Sweden, are intended to replicate "the porcelain figures and busts our grandparents loved to collect."

The Vladimir speaker is made of a robust 'marble-like' material are Bluetooth enabled (of course) and retail for 1,111.00€. And if you're put off by Putin, don't worry, they also have speakers modelled after Kim Jong-Un and Margaret Thatcher.

The idea has proved so inspirational that it's even prompted Australian architect Hugo Riveros to create his own homemade version via 3D printing. He provided a detailed description of how he made the speakers on, but unfortunately neglected to include an explanation of why he wanted to make them in the first place.

You can watch a few pretty bizarre videos of Hugo's setup in action below.

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Written by Matthew Francey

10 Feb 2016