Rave of Thrones

Lets get Samwell Tarlyed!

Hodor and Sir Loras Tyrell are set to bring their Westerosi weapons to London this Easter

Yes, you read that right. A Game of Thrones themed rave is to be held under London Bridge on Easter Sunday. As we've mentioned on here before, Kristian Narn, or 'Hodor' has been DJing for quite some time, and has even begun releasing his own material - we premiered his second track "4Love" back in September.

Kristian will be joined by Knight of the Flowers, Sir Loras Tyrell and some mystery GoT guests. Maybe we'll see Bronn played by Jerome Flynn and one half of Robson & Jerome of "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted" fame. Who know's maybe he'll even tempt Robson away from his Extreme Fishing for a B2B of 90s Pop classics... we can dream, can't we?!

The rave will take place in an disused industrial space beneath London Bridge and will feature rooms themed around each of the Seven Kingdoms and various acts and attractions from the world of Westeros, including Dothraki warriors dragons and white walkers.

You can see what the people behind the event are saying about it below and if Game of Thrones is your thing, you'll definitely want to have a look at our Dance Music Genres Reimagined As Game Of Thrones Houses project from last year.

"The White Walkers and their army of the dead descend upon Westeros, with little time before the impending apocalypse reaches King’s Landing. To that end, the Small Council has decided to throw a huge party for the citizens, allowing them to celebrate their last few days before doom in true Baratheon style.

The Master Of Coin has decreed that the the party, dubbed the ‘Rave Of Thrones’, should be a fully immersive experience, turning the cavernous tunnels under London Bridge into the Seven Kingdoms themselves, resplendent with Dothraki warriors, citizens of Dorne, the Unsullied and, of course, Kahleesi’s fire breathing pets, not to mention 3D mapped visuals, pyrotechnics and a light show to rival a castle siege. Littlefinger’s Brothel, the Icy North and other famous landmarks of Westeros will be recreated in an old train depot on the banks of the River Thames itself."

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Written by Matthew Francey

09 Feb 2016