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Ahead of his headline set this Friday at The Gallery, Arty picks his top five tracks off his debut album Glorious.

Ahead of his headline set this Friday at The Gallery, Arty picks his top five tracks off his debut album Glorious

Arty ft. Angel Taylor - "Up All Night"

Arty: The sound of this track is so cool, I like it! When I began to work on this track it was pretty obvious that this one was going to be the first single from the album. I spent like three months working on it the project was pretty difficult because I had to put together the whole track from the breakdown to the drop. But I really liked the result!

Arty - "Closer To You" Feat. Clarence Coffee Jr.

This is such a milestone for me because it took me probably 1.5 years to finish it. It was at first a completely different track, I took out the top line and kept the original vibe because while working on this track I’ve been heavily influenced by Daft Punk and Justice. First it was instrumental but when finished I suddenly thought what if it should be vocal? It was Clarence Coffee Jr. who worked with me on this track. We spent some time in the studio thinking of the melody and fixing the lyrics and finally got this track where Daft Punk meets Justice with some James Bond vibe in the breakdown.

Arty - "Stronger" ft. ray Dalton

All you need to know about Stronger is that it’s awesome! I really like this track! 

Arty - "Feel Your Love"

I’m an emotional person and there’re so many tracks of mine about the love and the togetherness. I personally like this track because the vocal for it was performed by Laurel, a very talented singer from the UK. I really enjoyed working together and for me she sounds like an angel! 

Arty - "The Last Kiss"

This track is one of those which come to your mind and you do them in one day. It was like I spent one night making it and second fixing everything. It was made during some difficult time of my life, relationships and all that, don’t want to go into details. It’s interesting that it was the first track for the last 3-4 years when I was playing the piano myself.

Arty will be joined in The Box by Jerome Isma-Ae and Genix, get tickets and more info here.

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09 Feb 2016