Michael Woods

Catching up with Michael Woods ahead of his appearance this Friday for The Gallery.

We caught up with Michael Woods before he makes his Friday night debut on the 29th

The Gallery: Hi there Michael, Happy New Year! How did you spend NYE?

Michael Woods: Hi! Happy New Year to you too! New Years was spent in San Diego at the Town and Country Event Centre along with Above & Beyond seeing in the New Years along with 10,000 people. It was an epic night!

Welcome to The Gallery and Ministry on a Friday. After many Saturday nights at the club, what’s your most preferred aspect?

I love the raw energy the club has, the Ministry has a long-standing history, having been there for over 20 years. I remember going to the club before my music-producing days as a regular punter and falling in love with the club's atmosphere and that amazing sound system. The club has, of course, had an overhaul and is an amazing place to perform and to showcase new music.

With Danny Avila and Audien joining in The Box, how does the Michael Woods sound fit within these artists?

We have slightly different styles but all full of energy that compliment each other. It won’t be boring I can promise you that!

Loving the new track "Sleep" what tools did you use to produce – any special tools or plug-ins?

I used Ableton alongside Logic Pro on the apple mac for the main arranging and I also have a Pro Tools system which I used to record in some live guitars. I used the Spectrasonics Trilian Bass Module to provide the bass.

Was it purposely designed as a tune which DJs across many genres can conceivably play?

Not really, it started off as simple piano chords to which Andrea Martin wrote and performed the vocal and the song just took shape from there – I let the music do what it had to do and what came out was a track that many DJ’s seemed to have latched on to.

Your tip for breakthrough DJ of 2016 is…?


Finally, use three words to describe your forthcoming set?




Michael Woods will be appearing in The Box along with Danny Avila and Audien on Friday 29th January

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Written by The Gallery

25 Jan 2016