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Danny Avila

The top five tracks of the moment from Friday's headliner, Danny Avila.

Danny Avila picks his top five tracks of the moment before headlining The Gallery on Friday 29th January

Axwell & Ingrosso - "Dream Bigger"

Love this for its bounciness and the Daft Punk’ish feel it has. Definitely a track that will smash the clubs again with relentless and heavy e-guitars. The mixture is just perfect and always works on the dancefloor.

Chocolate Puma - "Popatron"

If you want to rip apart a venue, then this is the way to go. I think Chocolate Puma’s way of combining house and heavier techno with the progressive and more electronic sounds of the genre is always a fantastic mixture. They set new standards with every release and have the gift to approach a lot of different DJs.

HI-LO - "Ooh La La"

Oliver Helden’s synonym for nasty and dubby house beats is just amazing. Especially "Ooh La La" which takes that style to the next level. That bassline is so massive, it just grabs everyone in the club, from back to front.

Patric la Funk & Maxon - "Tulum"

Totally old school synth stabs and pounding beats. I think the last time I heard a track like that was when I was looking for my first tracks. Patric and Maxon definitely revive that feeling. A very smooth and profound break invites everyone to close their eyes and the drop then takes you back into the present. Really well done! I hope music like this finds itself back in the clubs.

Florence And The Machine - "Delilah" (Galantis Remix)

A sweet tune to reminisce about the good old house days again. Florence has an exceptional voice and I still love her from her collaboration with Mark Knight "You’ve Got The Love". I feel this one could get right to the top and on the radio just like that as well.

Written by The Gallery

25 Jan 2016