15 People Charged Over Deaths At Steve Aoki Gig

Five women were killed in the crush to leave a venue with no adequate fire escapes.

It’s been four years since tragedy struck a Steve Aoki show in Madrid

After a technical failure, audience members crowded to exit the Halloween party held in the Madrid Arena. The venue was said to have been over its capacity, and in the crush to exit, five women were killed.

Reports of the scene vary, with some people saying only one emergency exit was open and others saying a possible ten were available. Spin reported at the time that people were "vomiting" and "fainting", and that it took emergency services three hours to finally clear the venue. 

Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that injuries had been initially sustained from “trauma by crushing, possibly having suffered a fall and being trampled”. They were believed to have been swept up in the mad rush to leave and were subsequently dragged under a crowd who had been panicked by an erroneous flare.

Four years later, 15 people have been indicted for their roles in the tragedy, including Miguel Angel Flores, who was responsible for promoting the event. The case continues.

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Written by Tamara Roper

22 Jan 2016