How Much Are Your Favourite DJs Worth?

It's a question as old as time itself - just how much money does Papa Sven have in the bank?

We all know superstar DJs are rich, but just how rich are they?

The high profile Forbes Electronic Music List has been setting tongues wagging down pubs and in smoking areas for a few years now, but Red Bull have just published an even more interesting piece on DJ wealth. The two part article entitled The Party Gods, looks at how much money each artist is estimated to have in the bank as of the end of 2015.

The DJ lifestyle can be expensive in it's own right - private jets and purrari's don't pay for themselves after all, so the question is: when Aoki hits up the ATM what's his balance really saying?

Long story short, the results are as envy inducing as you'd expect. We decided it'd be both informative and entertaining to list the findings in ascending order below. 

Oh, and we teamed each DJ's entry with a gif to represent how we think they react each time they check their bank balance.

Happy Friday!

Richie Hawtin

Estimated Net Worth: $9m

Gigs Played Last Year: 82

Analysis: Richie Rich more like, eh? eh?

Sven Vath

Estimated Net Worth: $14m

Gigs Played Last Year: 106

Analysis: Sven's been in the DJ game since 1982, so he's definitely put the time in.


Estimated Net Worth: $15m

Gigs Played Last Year: 72

Analysis: Our 2016 power animal and the penner of many an inspiring tweet, Diplo's not doing too bad for himself with a cool 15 mil in the bank.


Estimated Net Worth: $36m

Gigs Played Last Year: 81

Analysis: The nicest man in dance music has a million dollars for every year of his life, plus another eight in walking around money.


Estimated Net Worth: $53m

Gigs Played Last Year: 34

Analysis: [insert joke about that being an awful lot of cheese here]

Steve Aoki 

Estimated Net Worth: $55m

Gigs Played Last Year: 143

Analysis: Sure 55 million dollars is huge, but probably the standout figure for Steve is the 143 gigs played in 2015. Such hardwork momentarily destracted us from our jealousy. The we googled 'how many work days in a year', saw it was 253, and promptly resumed our deep shade of green.

Calvin Harris

Estimated Net Worth: $160m

Gigs Played Last Year: 77

Analysis: AKA more than enough to feed his relentless chicken a day habit.

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Written by Matthew Francey

22 Jan 2016