Fatboy Slim Recalls Swedish House Mafia Vs Sven Vath Fight

But who won?

Fatboy Slim and the DJ Fatal 4-Way

We're used to seeing our superstar DJ's fight via the safety of social media, but apparently the war of words sometimes spill out into real world bust ups. When speaking to Australian Red Bull, Brighton hero, Fatboy Slim, let slip that he once witnessed a fight between Swedish House Mafia and Sven Vath.

After being asked about the standout memory from his last visit down under, Norman Cook said: "Well, Australian crowds, they're not shy. And that's always my favourite kind of crowd. It's also a beautiful country to visit. But the highlight last time was witnessing this fight between Swedish House Mafia and Sven Vath outside a restaurant in Sydney. That's my overriding memory."

The shocked interviewer understandably asks for more details about the event, with Slim elaborating: "It was quite a comedy. It wasn't a serious fight, no one got hurt. It was really about EDM versus house purism. EDM outgunned the house purism but on the moral higher ground it was probably Sven."

He goes on to finish up by clarifying his widely reported views on EDM: "I think it was around that time that people were realising just how EDM was taking over the dance industry. And still is. Because it's so commercial, it just distorts what everybody else does. From me in my place, it seems like there's two camps: One is, it's so commercial and horrible and it's ruining it for everyone. My personal view is that it helps all of us. The trickle down effect to the most underground purist DJ is being felt because globally there's just so many more people into the music. And all those kids in Middle America who are listening to David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia — they probably would've ended up listening to Miley Cyrus. Instead they're being turned onto dance music, and some of them might end up being techno heads rather than EDM heads. So I think it's good for the industry, but some people see those media monsters [in EDM] as the antichrist."

So there you have it, straight from the Fatboy's mouth. It seems that DJs aren't afraid to take their various beefs into real life after all.

You can read the full interview with Red Bull here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

20 Jan 2016