"Broken Flowers" Is Coming, Look Busy

After two years of internet seed sowing, "Broken Flowers" is ready to bloom.

"Broken Flowers" is a track that’s had us singing along since 2014

Created by Danny L Harle, a member of digital music and art circus troupe PC Music, "Broken Flowers" is a track that’s evolved from 5p plastic carrier to a bag for life.

In its previous life (all traces of which have been removed from the internet) "Broken Flowers" was a synthetic experiment in pop music. It imitated the tropes of bubblegum UK garage popularised by "Babycakes" and T2 ft Jodie. The original nipped the buds of what made them incredible pop songs and cross pollinated with a hit of PC Music's DGAF innovative flair.

Since Harle’s signing to major label players, Columbia, the track has come back with a glamorous make under and a precisely polished video to accompany it, undergoing the musical equivalent of Back To The Future. Gone are the pitched up, robo-dancer vocals, replaced by a 'real girl' singing over Gypsy Woman esque chord progressions.

Whatever the big dogs over at Columbia have done with Harle, it’s evidently working.  "Broken Flowers" has landed itself straight onto Radio One’s C List (as well as Ministry LIVE’s very own taste making playlist).

"Broken Flowers" is the banger that's going to kick Ibiza season into early labour. It's the older cousin 'House Every Weekend' didn't know it had. 

It's A Tune, and you heard it here first.

Start getting to know.

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Written by Tamara Roper

19 Jan 2016