Have Disney Just Taken Aim At Deadmau5? (Again)

Just when we thought the mouse wars were over.

Uh oh

MICKEYPHON - kinetic av sculpture created for Disney from ◥ panGenerator on Vimeo.

Deadmau5 and Uncle Walt have been in a widely-reported feud for a few years nor. The dispute arises from Disney's claim that the Mau5head looks strikingly similar to their own beloved corporate mascot, Mickey.

While the Disney and Deadmau5 logos are undeniably similar, it's kind of hard to see the dispute as anything more than a money grab by an already insanely wealthy corporation. I mean lets face it: if you draw a mouse, it's going to look a bit like Mickey, because - and I don't want to get too technical here - Mickey is a drawing of a mouse.

The fact that Disney have went after Deadmau5 and not, say, Danger Mouse, just adds more fuel to the 'this is all about money' suspicion. But that's just me. Anyway, the feud between Disney and Deady was legally settled out of court last year. So that's that chapter closed, the world can move on, right?


Because Disney have just announced their latest invention. The rather awkwardly named, MICKEYPHON.

The MICKEYPHON, is "an interactive audiovisual kinetic sculpture, inspired by Mickey Mouse, created for Disney." And it looks an awful lot like Joel's trademark Mau5head. But even worse than looking like a particularly expensive Halloween costume, it also reacts and MOVES to sound around it, thus making it even better than Joel's.

It's unclear at this time if this is meant as a direct shot at the DJ, but it certainly feels like it right now.

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Written by Matthew Francey

14 Jan 2016