There's A Tinder-Style App For Music Fans

It’s unlikely that you’ll find your old history teacher lurking on ENSO.

Dating app Tinder has spawned many iterations of its swipe-left-to-ditch template

Its format has been used in the hunt for a new housemate, matching up old dogs with new owners and now, finding you your new favourite musician.

Enso is a swipe encouraging new app that builds playlists based around your music taste. It'll throw up a track of a certain genre and you’ll ‘start digging’ through elections, narrowing down your preferences as it gets to know you. If only the same could be said for Tinder.

According to this video, it looks like something we could really get into.

Enso’s interface mirrors its sleazier older cousin in the sense that it’s a simple left-down-right selection process, 'liking', 'hating' or 'saving'. You can select a genre, or go in blind with a random selection.

Much like Shazam, you can link up your account with Spotify, syncing your preferences with a playlist that’ll automatically update as you frantically swipe left and right. You can also share what you’re listening via Facebook - but whose going to do that.

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Written by Tamara Roper

13 Jan 2016