A Bouncer Wore A GoPro On NYE

This is what you look like when you're being a drunk belligerent asshole.

See what you look like when you get kicked out of a club with this bouncer cam video

You know whenever you wake up after a big night out and you have that sudden jolt of panic where you think "shit, what did I do last night". You lie back in bed close your eyes and replay the nights activities. Once you've finished piecing together your shattered memories you breath a sigh of relief and conclude that you were an upstanding member of society from first sip to last call.

You spring out of bed, take some ibuprofen and walk into the kitchen to rustle up a greasy hangover cure. Then you bump into your flatmate and the look on their face says it all. It all comes flooding back to you. The illusion of you conducting yourself with the charm and sophistication of a smart-casual James Bond dissolves as the harsh reality of spilt drinks, tactical chunders and kebab shop sing-a-longs comes flooding back.

Each one of these is a harrowing and essential reminder that you should probably steer clear of Jagerbombs, but the absolute worst is remembering the steely grip of the bouncer as you get thrown out for whatever stupid shit you were doing.

Safe to say getting kicked out sucks, and it's a knock to the ego that takes a while to heal. The knee jerk reaction is to climb on your high horse, say that the bouncer is at fault and argue that falling on your ass down several steps is far from a kicking out offence. But - and this is the important bit - if this happens to you, just do yourself and the universe a favour, take it on the chin and WALK AWAY.

If you need any convincing that this is by far the best choice, just watch the above video, which expertly demonstrates both how futile it is and how awful you are when you drunkenly argue with a bouncer.

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Written by Matthew Francey

06 Jan 2016