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What better way to highlight the unfair pay gap than by celebrating DJs and their cats?

Internet users are calling today #FatCatTuesday, to mark the day big bosses overtake the rest of the country in wages

We're sticking a middle finger up to the fat cats, instead taking solace in the furry friends of our favourite DJs ,whose warm paws will always distract us from the suffering injustices of life outside of Instagram.

Prolific fan of the puss, Shadowchild, is a great advocate of a cat snap.

We give you Dillon Francis's kitty, Mittens, whose Twitter following peaks at nearly 5000 people.

Here's Dillon Francis exploiting Deadmau5's cat, Professor Meowingtons.

A loving gaze between father and feline. It's Justin Martin and his puss, Mango!

Here's internet sad boy Ryan Hemsworth and an unidentified little paw.

And finally, as part of a glorious series for Fact entitled Producers and their Pets, here's Tom Demac and his cat, Beans, shot by Arianna Power. 

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Written by Tamara Roper

05 Jan 2016