The Comedown Rundown

Anonymous are after Keith Flint, Aussie politicians are after festivals and a Toronto after hours club is after $2million damages from the police.

It's the first comedown rundown of 2016! Here's everything you missed in the world of dance music while you were in your post NYE daze

Anonymous Are After The Prodigy

Prodigy frontman, Keith Flint, has come under fire from Anonymous after claims made in The Daily Mail that he engaged in fox hunting. Keith responded to the allegations by admitting that he rode in a trail hunt, but stressed that no animals were harmed. Speaking in one of their trademark videos a Guy Fawkes-masked Anonymous spokesman has warned the "Firestarter" singer that "rubbing shoulders with Tory criminals whilst out fox hunting" and have claimed that he has killed a deer. At this moment we don't know who to believe, but we do think it's a little strange that Keith would engage in hunting less than a year after releasing this video aimed specifically at the evils of fox hunting.


An After Hours Club In Toronto Is Trying To Sue The Police For $23 Million

Comfort Zone has been throwing after hours parties for Toronto ravers for fifteen years, but the claim they've unfairly been targeted by the police and now they want compensation. Affectionately known as CZ, the club appeared on police radars shortly after a man died of a GHB overdose in 2009. Authorities believe the man purchased the drugs two days prior at a CZ event and the club has become a frequent target for police raids in the years since. Now it seems Comfort Zone have had enough and have filed a lawsuit for $20 million in damages, $2 million in punitive and aggravated damages and another $1 million in exemplary damages. Whether the club wins its case remains to be seen, but we'll bring you updates as they develop.


LCD Soundsystem To Return In 2016

After a long hiatus the indie dance favourites have been causing waves right at the tail end of 2015. In a shock announcement, the band released their first original track in five years on Christmas Eve. Then, the New York Times named them as one of the many reunion acts they've heard are confirmed for Coachella 2016. Any official lineup for Coachella has yet to be announced, but after the early Christmas present from the band, it seems like the rumours could indeed be true.


Deadmau5 Sticks Up For His Fans

After a group of Mau5head sporting Deadmau5 fans were refused entry to the producer's 30th December show in Illinois, the group Tweeted the Mau5 asking for his help. And we're glad to say that Joel swooped in and saved the day using his much discussed powers of social media. After informing the fans that he "chewed out" the promoter, they were admitted entrance and Mau5 even complimented them on the heads.


"Deep Down Low" Has Featured In More DJ Sets Than Any Other Track In 2015

IDing site, 1001tracklist has published the results of its survey of the tracks played by the world's DJs in 2015. They've named OWSLA signee, Valetino Kahn's "Deep Down Low" as the most frequently played track by DJs last year. You can listen to the track above.


Australian Premier Wants To Ban Festivals

After a spate of drug related deaths at aussie festivals made headlines this year, one politician is looking to ban the events altogether. Mike Baird the New South Wales Premier has issued a call for a thorough review of festival security. After declaring "enough was enough" before saying festival organisers should be held accountable for deaths at their events. He went on to state: "If new rules and procedures place additional burdens and costs on organisers, so be it, and we will also examine denying permits to organisers who have not done the right thing in the past." A NSW police spokesman has said this could led to festivals being denied permits in the future. A similar action in California has so far not led to any events being denied permits.


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04 Jan 2016