Ministry LIVE Top 100 Tracks 2015

Awards "balance out the constant hate"

An exclusive interview with Diplo after winning our LIVE 100 track of the year with 'Lean On'

"Lean On" well and truly brought Major Lazer to the forefront of pop music in 2015

Written by Diplo and Danish popstrel MØ, it became the haunting, siren like smash hit that quickly broke the record as Spotify's most streamed song ever. We've awarded it the top spot on our Ministry of Sound LIVE Top 100 countdown as its constant rotation on all of our playlists and the high place it holds in the hearts of our DJ's meant that we saw it above all others this year.

The man behind the magic was kind enough to answer some of our questions about 2015, talking Bieber, M.I.A and constant hating.

Yo Diplo.  What’s the best part of being part of some of the biggest tracks of the year?

Wow! Just motivation to work harder! I don't want 2015 to be my peak year!!

"Lean On" has landed at the top of Ministry LIVE 100. How does it feel being constantly awarded?

I guess it just balances the constant hating!

Where’s the strangest place you’ve heard "Lean On" being played?

Well we are huge in the Caribbean and Africa and the Middle East... But to hear it there and still hear it in the Hamptons means we did something right!!


Throughout your career you’ve always been able to bring forward some of the most exciting artists, from Azealia Banks to MØ. Who are the artists you’ve been proudest to break to the mainstream?

Justin Bieber! Nah.. I mean I guess my work with MIA in the early days was one of my favourite projects.

What’s the most ‘Justin Bieber’ thing you’ve heard Justin Bieber say?

Man the kid is so fast... Always cracking jokes and doing what he does... Too many to mention... The video where he makes fun of the interviewer's laugh has me dying though.

Diplo speaking to Ministry of Sound LIVE

You got Craig David on stage with you for your Major Lazer show in London: can we expect any future collaborations?

We did a few things!! No idea where we’re going with them but I’m just happy to work with the legend.

You pretty much engineered the sound of music in 2015. Do you plan to continue through to 2016, or will you hand over the reins to someone else?

Well Mad Decent is multi-faceted: from my music to the touring to the merch and media and block parties - I might step deeper on the business and management side... I'm happy working with young artists behind the scenes too… Dillon Francis, Jauz, Yellow Claw! That's the future!!

Listen back to the full LIVE 100 here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

24 Dec 2015