Deadmau5 Explains Feuds With Justin Bieber And Skrillex

And for once he might have a point.

This one might just change your opinion of the mouthy Mau5

Deadmau5 has embarked on a lengthy webcam speech about his feud with Justin Bieber and Skrillex. By now it's par for the course to write off almost anything Deadmau5 says as trolling. A lot of people will read the title of the above video and dismiss it as the further ramblings of a bitter bastard who likes to get attention by being controversial. A lot of people probably won't even watch the video, but they'd be remiss not to, because this time it's different. This time he has a point.

I know in today's fast paced, social media driven, EDM world a week is like a year, and a month seems like some immeasurable length of time we haven't even named yet, but I want you to cast your mind back to the heady days of July 2015. The world was a different place back then, it was a harmonious time. A time before the TomorrowWorld catastrophe, a time before the Top 100 DJs debacle and, crucially, a time before the Mau5 Vs Skrill Twitter Wars™. All was peaceful in the world of EDM, the rave candy was colourful, the drops was coming and PLUR reigned supreme.

Then Skrillex and Diplo released a track with Justin Bieber, reigniting the troubled teen star's career, topping the charts and pushing dance music into unparalleled levels of crossover success in one fell swoop. Pretty much everyone loved it. Even bitter, acerbic music writers like yours truly had to stand up and be counted, looking at their shoes while muttering, "yeah actually, that Bieber track's a bit of a banger."

Then Deadmau5 had to go and spoil it all by bucking the tend and calling bullshit.

A parody track was made, shots were fired from both camps, bloggers blogged, it eventually died down. Bieber's album came out, and it was even better than the Jack Ü track. The world felt vindicated - it wasn't just a one hit wonder, Bieber really was The Shit all along - he just needed Skrillex to show him the way. We all wrote the Mau5 off as a bitter troll, harmony was restored.

Then Deadmau5 had to go and spoil it all by bucking the trend and calling bullshit.

But this time it was different. This time he didn't use Twitter, or a parody song, or barely even any insults. This time he explained on camera, exactly what the problem is with the Bieber comeback. And you know what? He's right.

Yes Purpose is a great album, but the problem is it's not his album. It's Skrillex's. It's Ed Sheeran's. It's Big Sean's. Purpose's album credits are a who's who of who's killing it right now. If you put enough great musical minds in a room, you'll make great music. Kanye showed us that with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The difference between MBDTF and Purpose is that nobody doubts that Kanye was the dictator in control of every aspect of his greatest work. The photos of his studio rules have become and iconic representation of Kanye's ego and genius in equal measures. But - lets be honest here - nobody thinks the same of JB. JB may have written the lyrics he may have thought the beat was good, but Purpose would clearly not exist or be the hit that it's become without the many, many collaborators in the credits.

And that's all the Mau5 was saying.

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Written by Matthew Francey

17 Dec 2015