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Markus Schulz and Cosmic Gate's Festive Jukebox

To celebrate The Gallery’s Xmas party (and final party for 2015) Markus Schulz & Cosmic Gate pick their all time favourite tracks by each other.

This being the season for good will, we asked Markus, Nic and Bossi to enter into spirit of giving

In preparation for The Gallery’s Christmas gathering and 2015 finale, enjoy some hand picked personal favourite tracks, chosen from each other’s discography. They've been kind enough to include a personal narrative on each, explaining the importance of each track in their respective careers and significance to The Gallery and Ministry of Sound in particular. Enjoy, and prepare to engage in some festive debauchery this Friday night.

Markus Schulz’s Selections:

Cosmic Gate - "Fire Wire" (Cosmic Gate's Back 2 the Future Remix)

Markus Schulz: No matter where in the world I am in the position to play an extended or solo set, this track is always an essential for those hazy moments at around 5 or 6am. It is one of those tracks I continually link as one of the staples of my Ministry of Sound residency. I remember the original coming out at the tail end of my two year sabbatical living in London, so the melody is a bit of a personal throwback to that time for me. And with it doing so well in the UK market, it's always guaranteed to be huge any time I play it in London.

Cosmic Gate - "Sign of the Times"

This is the title track from their artist album in 2009, and one I was privileged to be asked to remix also. This track means a lot to me because my personal friendship with Nic and Bossi began to blossom during this time. I can say that it was quite influential in the construction of my first ‘Thoughts Become Things’ album under my Dakota alias around that period, particularly with the moody basslines and percussion.

Vincent de Moor - "Fly Away" (Cosmic Gate Remix)

There are very few examples of taking an iconic original production for a remix, immersing it within your signature alternative sound, and still maintaining its beautiful soul that made people fall in love with it in the frist place. But I think this remix is among the best instances of that occurring. That break in particular still gives me goosebumps to this day, how it builds and builds to an enormous crescendo. Always worth digging out for those special occasions.

Cosmic Gate’s Selections:

Capital Cities - "Safe and Sound" (Markus Schulz vs. Grube & Hovsepian Extended Mix)

Cosmic Gate: This remix for us is a perfect example how to transform pop into a great working club tune! We played it at several summer festivals like ASOT at Ultra Miami, but its working also in more intimate club spaces as well. Great work Markus, good memories are guaranteed with ‘Safe and Sound!’

Markus Schulz - "Cause You Know" (Nic Chagall Remix)

A few years ago, Nic got the opportunity to put his hands on one of Markus’ tracks. For those who missed out on it - check this one out. The feeling!

Ronski Speed Feat Sir Adrian vs. Rex Mundi - "The Perspective Space" (Markus Schulz Mash Up)

We played this track recently in our ‘Wake Your Mind’ radio Show, as ‘Throwback Track’ of the week. Really digging this one after all the years, the Coldharbour sound at its best!

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Written by The Gallery

15 Dec 2015