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We caught up with Lush & Simon before they support Benny Benassi at The Gallery on Friday 11th December.

We caught up with Lush & Simon before the support Benny Benassi at The Gallery on Friday 11th December

Your first time playing in the UK and it’s at the Ministry of Sound! Pretty impressive… how does that make you feel? Will this show be extra special for you guys? Any surprises up your sleeve?

You can't imagine how excited we are! When you play for the first time in a country you’ve never played before you're always a little scared but meanwhile super excited, even more so because we will play alongside our good friends Merk & Kremont and Benny Benassi, we couldn't ask for more. This party is gonna be huge!

You’ve been really busy jetting off and playing in different countries India, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, what do you notice about playing in different countries, in terms of the crowd, do you adapt your music?

Every country has a different music identity, so the people who come to see you are always different, with different tastes. Our job is to make these people dance so we usually mix a lot of different music into our sets, from progressive house to trap and hip-hop. Up until now everyone in the countries we’ve visited react fantastically to our DJ sets. We can't wait to see everyone around the world jump and dance to our music

Congratulations on your new track "Morphine" making it to number 1 on Beatport, what was it like collaborating with Thomas Gold and how did it come about?

Thank you, it was unexpected! We’ve loved Thomas Gold’s music since his first release and to do a track with him was a little dream of ours. The "Morphine" main melody was produced in one day and we were working on the rhythmic parts taking inspiration from one of Thomas' old tracks. At that moment I thought that we could send the track to Thomas for an opinion, and why not, a collaboration. Thomas replied to us immediately asking for the parts and saying that the track was a bomb, and he had some great ideas to bring forward. After a lot of hard work in studio (unfortunately we never met each other so we worked on Skype) "Morphine" came out.

Your track was premiered by Armin Van Buuren at TomorrowWorld this year, what’s that like for you, having something you’ve produced getting huge support from such established artists?

Oh, that was such an emotion! Armin fell in love with the track the first time we sent it to him, he asked about a release on his label, we immediately said YES! The 5 times number 1 DJ in the world has been an inspiration for us since we started listening to electronic music, so his support is something inexplicable.

You guys come from Italy, how would you say the EDM scene has evolved in Italy and Europe over the years since you started?

The Italian scene has shot up so fast since we started, there's a lot of Italian artists who are really making an impact in the music scene like our friends Marnik, Merk & Kremont, VINAI. We receive a lot of promos from a lot of young Italian guys who are starting to make music, and man, they are AMAZING! One of our favourites is FUGUE, a 17 year old guy who is doing really good music. It's deep, really atmospheric, this guy is a bomb ready to explode so stay alert. We're so happy to be part of this scene, we're a big family, we always support each other in music and everything else, which I hope will be the same for the next couple of years.

In your career so far have there been any real standout moments or career highlights that you’re particularly proud of?

Absolutely playing at Tomorrowland, we never (but really never) thought that in one year we could reach that goal. We always thought it was something impossible to reach, when we got the booking email from the festival, our hearts stopped beating for a few seconds. We had three incredible days, talking with artists about music, about our lives, making new good friends. The only negative thing was the weather! After the first sunny day, there was only rain, wind and it was damn cold. But the excitement of the moment was too strong!

I know you’re working on new material, anything we can expect from your upcoming music and is there anything else you’re planning at the moment?

Yes you're right, we're working hard on new tunes and we’ve just finished some of our next releases. All I can say is that you guys are gonna hear something new, lower (bpm), melodic, warmer, with a great topline on it and with the right Lush & Simon touch. We’re moving from pop to club bangers, but we don't wanna spoil the surprise so stay tuned with us to discover what's coming up next!

Lush & Simon will be playing alongside Gallery mainstay Benny Benassi on Friday 11th December. Get your tickets here.

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07 Dec 2015