How To Dance Like A Hot Heels Honey

Ahead of their appearance at Glitterbox, Hot Heels deliver the moves that’re guarantee to turn heads

Glitterbox are bringing their hemisphere of disco back to Ministry of Sound

With a line up featuring Norman Jay MBE, The Shapeshifters and The 2 Bears, Glitterbox is guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit like no other party.

Expect sequins, sparkle and high heels, sported by London’s premiere party squad: Hot Heels, who’ve been fierce enough to let us in on the moves you need to be pulling if you want to impress on Saturday night.



You essentially windmill your head round and round whipping your hair until you get whip lash - the most appropriate time for this move is ALWAYS - when in doubt, whip it out!


You get on all fours and crawl around arching and curving your back like a demonic feline. This is best when the beat gets real sexy and you're feeling like a beast


This move is your show stopper! You go from standing upright to laying on the floor in a matter of seconds. Sounds easy but it takes a lot of practice to make it look good - otherwise you just look like that drunk person that slipped on the dance floor - and that's not a good look hunny!


These are the "oh no she didn't" of the dance world. You can throw in a series of three whilst making a Z shape with your arms for maximum impact. These are best saved for when you really know the lyrics and want to make a statement... eg "Bitch Better Have My Money" *hair flip, sassy click, turn and go*


When you hear ‘that’ song in the club and you march from the bar to the dance floor carrying six drinks and don't spill a drop, THAT’S the power walk! Really fun to put it into everyday situations, try crossing London Bridge at 8am with all those miserable commuters, you slip your earphones in, and stomp down that sidewalk baby! You'll be turning heads!!

Tickets for Glitterbox are shifting fast. Grab them here, and start practicing your death drop.

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Written by Tamara Roper

07 Dec 2015