The Comedown Rundown

Onlookers thought a stabbing at Art Basel was performance art, RBMA and Discogs parody vinyl speculators and Gorillaz tease Bowie collab.

Everything that happened in dance music this weekend

A Woman Stabbed At Art Basel, Onlookers Think It's Art

Miami's flagship art and music festival, Art Basel ran throughout last week. Unfortunately the event took a dark turn when a woman was stabbed following an argument with another patron. The attacker, identified as 24-year-old Siyuan Zhaowas, was arrested on site and was reportedly overheard as saying "I had to kill her and two more". In a weird, though not unexpected, turn of events many of the onlookers assumed that the attack was a piece of performance art.


Discogs And RBMA United To Create A Vinyl Business News Site

Vinyl Marketwatch is a new website from Red Bull Music Academy and Discogs. Presented like a financial bulletin, it allows users to track the popularity and average price of various genres sold on record market place Discogs. The site is somewhat tongue-in-cheek and was apparently created to parody the vinyl speculation community, though we imagine it may well prove a valuable resource to those looking to turn a profit from the vinyl collecting game.


David Bowie Could Be On The Next Gorillaz Album

Everyone's favourite cartoon band, The Gorillaz, have spent the past year drip feeding us details of their much anticipated fifth studio album. But perhaps the most exciting detail came out this weekend when Jamie Hewlett - the graphic designer behind the look of the band - posted a portrait of David Bowie to his Instagram. The caption accompanying the image read "Bad Bowie". While this definitely isn't confirmation that The Thin White Duke will be featured on the as yet untitled album, it's indeed a strong hint that he might be.

The Tomorrowland Movie Is Out

After months of anticipation, The Tomorrowland feature length documentary, This Was Tomorrow, has finally been released. Unfortunately we haven't had a spare 1 hour 17 minutes to watch the full feature yet, but when we do will bring you our hot take on what is surely the most extensive piece of marketing in dance music history. You can watch the full video on the Tomorrowland website.


Get A Preview Of Underworld's First Album In Five Years

Iconic British dance duo Underworld will return in 2016 with their ninth studio album, Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future. So far we know the tracklist and the release date - March 18th - but now they've granted us a short preview of what we can expect with a 2:37 minute teaser, "Shining Future Pt.1". Have listen to it above.

Majestic Casual Get Their Own Beats 1 Residency

YouTube taste-makers Majestic Casual have had an interesting time of it recently. They were headline news a couple of weeks ago for being one of the most high profile copyright takedown cases on YouTube, but quickly returned and are back to their daily uploads to 2.6 million subscribers. The old saying “any publicity is good publicity” could certainly apply here as in the meantime Majestic Casual have entered a partnership with Apple Music and will host a four show residency on Beats 1 throughout December, as announced on Twitter by Zane Lowe last week.


MK Remixes Diplo and Sleepy Tom’s "Be Right There"

It’s been yet another bumper year for Diplo. As if helping to turn half the world into Beliebers and being the first person to place twice on the same DJ Mag Top 100 wasn’t enough, he also continued to put out hit after hit – one of which being ‘Be Right There’ with Canadian newbie Sleepy  Tom. This week he released a decidedly Detroit, decidedly housey remix by fan favourite MK on his Soundcloud.


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07 Dec 2015