The Master of Mixes

With the Mastermix 2015 dropping last week, we look back at some of the greatest mixes by Scotland's favourite selector.

The Jackmaster Mastermix has become something of a Christmas tradition in UK dance music

Over the past five or so years Jack Revill, AKA Jackmaster, has went from being a Glaswegian local hero, to a UK icon to one of the most in-demand selectors in the world. His meteoric rise can be put down to a combination of his ceaseless crate digging, his impeccable taste and his always-up-for-a-party attitude.

One of the hallmarks of his career have been his annual Mastermix series, of which he dropped the 2015 edition last week. You can listen to that in all it's two hours of glory above, but we thought this would be a good opportunity to collate some of our favourite mixes from his ever-growing back catalogue.

Mastermix 2012

My personal favourite Mastermix, and one of my all time favourite mixes. I first saw Jackmaster live a few months before this was released (more on that below), and for me, this mix cemented him as one of the greats. Around a month after this came out I saw him drop a few of the Mastermix tracks at Bugged Out Weekender and needless to say they slayed the room.

Dummy Mix 29

A mix that expertly reminds us why we got into dance music in the first place: because it's fun.

Jackmaster & Rustie B2B in 2005

A rare gem that shows off the talents of two of the UK's biggest stars before they were names. I think Jack described it perfectly in the bio: "Recorded (somewhat inebriated) from vinyl to minidisc via a DJM600 and a couple of 1210s in Hillhead Street, Glasgow, circa 2005, after a night at 69 in Paisley."

Essential Mix

Being a pure DJ - in that he's not a DJ/producer (or a producer pretending to know how to DJ) - the Essential Mix is just about the most important thing you can achieve. If you get asked to contribute, you better make sure you deliver. Somewhat predictably, Jack turned out an instant classic.

Jackmaster B2B Loefah Bolier Room at W Hotel London

As someone who was lucky enough to be there for this one in person, let me assure you, this is just about the most amount of fun you can have at a party, ever.

Armand Van Helden B2B Jackmaster Boiler Room x Ray-Ban 009

...except for maybe this.

Honourable mention: All the Tweak-A-Holics (especially #3)

Jackmaster and his Numbers family will be playing London this weekend.

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Written by Matthew Francey

04 Dec 2015