Out To Lunch
"Back Then"

We got the raw new video from Out To Lunch.

We got the new video from heart-warming collab project

Have a look at the video for "Back Then" from Out To Lunch - featuring a collaboration between producer David Levy and vocalist Damon C. Scott. The video has a raw appeal and captures the history of the two artists meeting in New York eight years ago.

The story of the collaboration between David (Out To Lunch) and Damon is a true rags to riches story. David discovered Damon on busking on the streets of New York. Damon was practically homeless at the time and David took him under his wing.

He later introduced him to Morgan Geist (AKA Storm Queen), which led to the UK No.1 Hit Single "Look Right Through", which was released on our very own label.

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04 Dec 2015