Correct Tornado At Rave Protocol

Watch attendees at Earthcore in Australia give a masterclass in appropriate rave-nado behaviour.

There's a tornado in my rave

One of the great pleasures of the camping music festival, is whiling away the early afternoon sat out in shit camping chairs powering through a warm crate of tinnies, with the lads and doing a spot of people watching.

Imagine then, your reaction, if that idyllic scene of youthful diversion was interrupted by the appearance of one of nature's, top five scariest spectacles - the tornado. 

Yes. The tornado. A weather condition so shit the bed scary that Helen Hunt spend a whole movie running away from one in 1996.

You might think, when you're sat there in your forrest green folding chair, you might think; 'I've wasted my life', or 'I never got to see Daft Punk', or any number of things really. What you probably wouldn't think, as you clench your toes inside your wellingtons, is 'fuck me, a tornado! I'm going to go dance in that.'

But that is exactly what these maniacs went and did at Australian psytrance festival, Earthcore. 

I guess psytrance crowds just like to live a little more on the edge than the rest of us.

If the above footage has unearthed a burning desire to go loco at a psytrance rave, then you're in luck, as Infected Mushroom are headlining our club this very Friday - tickets and details here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

03 Dec 2015