What Is Rave Kandi?

Just what the hell is rave kandi? And why is it so damn popular?

To wrap up EDM week on Ministry of Sound present an in-depth investigation into rave kandi

We've brought you a whole week of EDM explorations in Thanksgiving to our American cousins and their weird rave culture. We've brought you the lowdown on their bizarre lingo, brought you some cringe-inducing EDM self help videos, recut Black Friday punch ups to Electro house and offered a thorough critique of the world of competitive gloving.

But none of those weird and wonderful subcultures compare to the popularity and the sheer as-a-British-person-I-really-don't-get-this of rave kandi. Rave kandi, in it's simplest terms, are little coloured beads that American ravers put on threads and make into bracelets. They then exchange these with each other while in the throws of euphoria at a rave. They'll spend days, weeks, sometimes even months preparing batches of bracelets, chains, face masks and medallions to swap at a big event.

To us Brits, it's batshit, but to a large subsect of US dance fans, it's one of, if not the, most important aspect of electronic culture. So to try and wrap our heads around this bizarre world, we talked to some kandi kids in Miami to try and find out just what the hell rave kandi is, and what it wants from us.

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Written by Matthew Francey

29 Nov 2015