Daftworld Is Daft Punk's Biggest Fan

Get an eye-opening look inside the life of a Daft Punk obsessive.

Je suis Daft

Le Fan 2.0 // World's biggest Daft Punk fan... by Skapew

It's not unusual for pop stars to have obsessive fans: Gaga has the monsters, Justin has the Beliebers and 1D have the Directioners. But, despite the huge surge in popularity and crossover appeal, as of 2015 electronic artists have failed to generate their own obsessive fanbase. That may be about to change, now that one man - Daftworld - has broadcast his obsession for the robotic duo all over the internet.

In a new film, Daftworld shows us his vast collection of Daft Punk merchandise, talks about the many times he's met Thomas and Guy-man and discusses what it means to be a No.1 fan.

Who knows, maybe his film will inspire more people to become Daft Punk obsessives.

We made our own film about strange Daft Punk fans - watch Daft as Punk here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

27 Nov 2015