The Internet Is Awash With EDM Self Help Guides

Fashion, pulling tips and sneaking your mates in to parties - it’s all here.

Underneath all its layers of plastic beading, the EDM community really is a caring, sharing place to be

Seeing as its motto stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, there's no surprise that the number of 'how to' guides for fans outweigh the amount there would be for fans of hip hop, for example.

Whether it's tips for people who just don't know what to do with the hands at a music festival, or a tutorial on how to remove your wristband without sawing it off entirely, there's a self help guide out there for everyone.

This is a selection of possibly the most 'useful' ones out there.

How To Dance To Different EDM Styles

Hosted by LA ‘internet personality’ Jessica Carrol and her uber bro boyfriend Chase, ‘How To Dance To Different EDM Styles’ is frankly remarkable, not least because its two hosts are utterly and unashamedly serious. Jess, whose other YouTube uploads include ‘6 Secrets To Looking Slim’  and ‘How To Clean Your Shoes’, is an EDC virgin. Overgrown man child Chase has been four times. Watch them as they lovingly dance to 'trap' and 'progressive' before he puts her on his shoulders and remind us why it's a blessing most people in the UK think Martin Garrix is a joke. 


Meet Arika Sato, who the very worst of you will remember from a reality TV show where Paris Hilton tries to find a new BFF. Our girl Arika is a fully signed up member of the part of EDM where women dress like it’s Halloween and go to music festivals “for the fashion” (her words, not ours). Here she talks us through a corset with stuck-on cough drops that she’s going to wear to EDC, whilst reeling off at least one DJ who are definitely did not play that year.

How To Take Your Wristband Off

This one’s actually fairly useful, though the faceless nature of its creator makes us think this is the type of guy who also knows how to make a really noxious smoke bomb. Taking off your wristband without cutting it: a video for keenos who don’t want to ruin their collection or who are hungry enough to try sneak their friends in.

15 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Rave Girl

Written by a ‘rave girl’ about ‘rave girls’, this is a kooky aid for the kind of person who wants a girlfriend who thinks unicorns are real. It bathes EDM loving women in light reserved only for society’s most basic bitches, and includes truths like “we will spend more money on beads than on your Christmas present” and (creepily) “when we’re in bed, the occasional picture of Calvin Harris might float by our minds”. 

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Written by Tamara Roper

26 Nov 2015