DJ Maximum

Cheer up. It's Wednesday and we've got a grime mix coming straight for you.

Over a decade after its inception, grime has come back in a big way

With OG's like Wiley and Skepta having paving stones and documentaries made in their honour, 2015 has also seen names like Stormzy and Novelist concrete the fact that there are two generations of microphone managers working side by side.

This week's SoundOf mix comes from someone who has watched both crews come through. DJ Maximum joined Boy Better Know - home to the likes of JME and Skepta - in 2008 and has been DJing for them at shows and tours ever since.

With his own Rinse show and a schedule that's just as hectic as the guys he spins for, Maximum's a better grime selector than any when it comes to knowing what's gonna go off. This mix takes new and old and lines them up next to one another like a one hour long row of music dominoes, flicking them over for a rapid fire mix of bangers.

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Written by Staff

09 Dec 2015