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As they prepare for an all night set at The Gallery, the Egyptian juggernauts give some tips on surviving six hours of trance.

Aly & Fila will play all night long at The Gallery on Friday 20th November

This will be your first six hour set in the UK, but you've under taken such sessions in other places, right?

We are very excited to be able to do this Six Hour UK Exclusive set. We have played six hours in Rosario in Argentina before now, The Guvernment in Toronto and we played 2 nights back to back five hour sets in Cielo, New York City. It is not something we like to do very often, we like to keep it very exclusive.

How much of a challenge is it, to build the 6 hour performance musically compared to A&F's usual shows?

We love it! It gives us the chance to show a diversity to what you play in terms of building the set up, six hours is a long time, its a marathon not a sprint! When we play the longer sets it does give us a chance to start progressive and build the set up and gives us the chance to play some tracks which we would not get the chance to play in a regular 1.5 - 2 hour set. Also it's always nice to throw some classic tracks in there, we are thoroughly looking forward to playing, and The Gallery is such a special place to play.

Will the great surroundings of The Box influence your track selection at all?

The whole atmosphere and vibe will of course play a part in the whole experience. 

You will follow in the footsteps of Markus Schulz and Gabriel & Dresden, to play The Box from open till close. Have you spoken to them for any advice?

It's cool that we are in such good company, but we have not spoken to any of them for advice, each artist has their own style.

Congrats on your recent FSOE400 event at the Pyramids of Giza. Would you say that's the highlight of your career to date?

Thanks! Yes, it 100% is our career highlight. We have had so many wonderful times and experiences over the last ten years, all over the world, and we are very thankful to everyone who has made and shared those times. But one of our dreams was to play and to host our own event at the Great Pyramids of Giza. To be the first electronic act since Jean-Michel Jarre to do this was a dream come true. The backdrop and the vibe of the crowd was an experience we will never forget.

And finally, Aly & Fila's top tip for making it through the a six hour set?

Enjoy what you are doing and embrace the vibe!

Now you know how to survive it, get your tickets for Aly & Fila's all night set on Friday 29th November, right here.

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Written by The Gallery

17 Nov 2015