London To Get A Summertime Paradise

You kinda have to pay to make it happen though.

How much do you fancy partying in an indoor tropical paradise?

Probably as much as we do, considering the sky hasn’t been any other colour than grey for what seems like years. You’re (kind of) in luck as Glastonbury’s party people of choice are planning on creating an indoor tropical paradise, complete with waterfall, hot tubs and an HD video mapped ceiling, (whatever that means).

Entitled ‘Summerland’, it’s billed as an alternative to leaving the country for heat over winter. Packing a day and night into a four hour immersive experience, you’ll start at a departure lounge and end feeling like you’ve just nipped to Barbados.

According to its website it’s a “wall to wall batty wine in the most having it pool party imaginable”

Sounds glorious, no? Not really, considering Summerland’s creation relies on the generosity of those who want to see it happen. Naturally, there’s a crowd funding campaign going on here that dictates precisely what you’ll get if you invest a certain amount of money.

Maybe just bring a pre-mixed mojito to a sunbed instead?

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Written by Staff

11 Nov 2015