Laidback Luke

We caught up with Laidback Luke ahead of his album launch party this Friday at The Gallery.

We caught up with Laidback Luke ahead of his album launch party this Friday at The Gallery

Hi Luke, how’s it going today?

It’s going really well thanks! I’ve enjoyed two precious days at home and managed to catch up on a ton of sleep. Can you imagine this is the first time in one and a half months I managed to get eight hours?

After becoming a Saturday favourite at Ministry of Sound, what do you prefer most about The Box?

Trying to make my way up in my early international career, it was always a dream of mine to play The Box at Ministry of Sound. Let alone headline it! So it’s still absolutely massive for me. The overwhelming soundsystem, the club layout, the massive booth and the crowd who’s up for anything makes this an absolute pleasure to me.

This Friday marks a first ever performance for The Gallery, are you familiar with the night itself?

No I’m not I’m afraid but I’m very excited to see what it’s all about.

Congrats on Focus! How did it come about, thirteen years after your last album – was it worth the wait?!

I’ve never believed in albums, especially in this day and age I feel you need to constantly hammer out stuff in order to keep being in the picture. Let alone take a couple of years out to finish an album. Last year I did see a lot of people appreciating an album so I set myself to a challenge: Make 30 tracks in 30 days. I didn’t even lock myself up in the studio, I made a track a day, on the road, in airplanes and at airports. For a whole month! And I managed to succeed. From the 30 tracks, we picked 16 and that’s become the album.

Will all of the Focus album tracks get a play on Friday?

Some of them aren’t very good in a club environment I’m afraid, you’ll hear! But quite a few of them are, so yes, I will be playing a bunch of them!

Finally use three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Unprepared, fun and me

Laidback Luke will be hosting his album launch party at Ministry of Sound on Friday 13th November. Get your tickets here.

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09 Nov 2015