DJ Arch Jr Wins SA's Got Talent

The three year old DJ has become the youngest ever 'Got Talent' winner.

DJ Arch Jr has one South Africa's Got Talent

Remember the three year old DJ who wowed the judges on South Africa's Got Talent last month? Well he's only gone and won the entire competition! DJ Arch Jr was crowned the winner of SA's Got Talent 2015 on Saturday night to an ecstatic studio audience.

Arch's father is apparently investing the £25,000 prize money into his son's future by improving his living conditions and putting the rest into a trust fund. As has been previously noted, Arch doesn't beat match or do much mixing, but his fader work is on-point and now that he's performed in front a national audience at such a young age, we're sure that the future is looking pretty bright for this pint-sized DJ.

He appeared to be up against a ventriloquist and a boy band / dance troupe in the final. And though we haven't seen the other finalists acts, one thing is for sure, he was definitely the sharpest dressed finalist as well as the youngest.

Arch Jr has become the youngest winner of any 'Got Talent' competition in the world, which is a feat all in itself. We wish Arch the very best of luck in the future and want to congratulate him on his win.

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Written by Matthew Francey

09 Nov 2015