Rustie Drops Surprise Album, Internet Loses Shit

"Like a Glaswegian Beyonce"

Glaswegian favourite, Rustie, surprised us all with his third full length, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE yesterday

Surprise album releases have become de rigueur in the pop and hip hop world over the past few years, but it so far has failed to infiltrate the electronic music sphere. That is until Glaswegian producer and tie-dye maximalist, Rustie, dropped his third full length EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE without warning on Warp, Spotify and Apple Music yesterday.

Rustie burst onto the scene in 2011 with the seminal Glass Swords which helped redefine UK bass music and even received the number one spot in the  'Best 100 Albums Of The Half Decade Award' from FACT last year. The follow up, Green Language, was a much more commercial affair, with collaborations galore and a big marketing campaign that saw the album previewed in a custom-made Minecraft esque game.

It seems that after Green Language, it seems Rustie wanted to take it back to basics and released his third album, which features just him on 100% of the tracks, to no marketing fanfare and with cover artwork that he took on his iPhone. It was a bold move, but luckily for Rustie, he's more than capable of producing an incredible album that can speak for itself and the internet, loyally, lost their minds over EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE. 

The 5th November 2015 will surely go down as the day when the dolphin emoji reached peak global usage as people flocked to twitter to tweet their approval, we've collated some of our favourite responses to the album below, enjoy!

You can read a great interview with Rustie over on FACT now and stream the whole album in full below.

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Written by Matthew Francey

06 Nov 2015