Justin Bieber And Skrillex
Music's New Power Couple

Re: imagining pop's most unlikely pairing.

Peeking behind the curtain into the BFFship of music's new power couple

Name a recent Justin Bieber song. What did you go for? Maybe the grab your partner and do-si-do flavoured "Sorry", or maybe Bieb's new grower-not-a-shower of a track, "I'll Show You" released yesterday with a video that feels like a Game of Thrones blooper reel. It's more than likely you’ve gone for "Where Are Ü Now?", because hey, why not? The tune’s a certified banger.

Ignoring his reputation as a bit of an asshole for a moment, if you consider everything Bieber's done in 2015, you have a young man making some of the most interesting music around. He's somehow managed to be both a talking point for dance music meganerds yet simple enough for the MTV crowd to sing-a-long with down 'Revs on a Saturday. All while remaining self-involved enough for the haters to continue to hate, and the Belibers to continue to piss everyone off at their very existence. 

The long and short of it is, JB's managed to come back just as hard as Craig David, and he's got one man to thank for it - Skrillex.

Sonny's managed to take Bieber's vanilla school disco ballads and turn them into something you start off loving to hate, but ultimately just end up loving - whole-hearted, windows rolled down, falsetto at the top of your lungs - loving.

How this meeting of musical minds came about we can only speculate on, but what is known is that from the embers of a public roasting and an even more public breakdown, two societal underdogs have risen again to create the sort of music that people who aren't sixteen give a shit about.

But what is life like behind the iron curtain? What do the BFFs do when they're not churning out chart topping bangers? What does their friendship look like when they're not in the studio / on stage / on camera? 

Well, we can't be sure, but we're pretty sure it looks something like this:

Private WhatsApp group

A safe space where Skril and Bieb can share voice recordings of melodies they’ve thought up in the shower, where ideas run free and where the most used emojis are the following:

Uncle Diplo is also a member of the group, making appearances every couple of weeks, with a belfie in the early hours.

Matching Stuff

What else does one do on a private jet between shows than make friendship loom bands for your BFF?

1-800 Hotline Support System

Neither member of Beiblex is a stranger to being rubbed up the wrong way. From storm offs and Twitter tussles, to having the entire world speculating over the size of your penis, it often feels like the world is against the dynamic duo. Which is why they are nothing without one another. Always at the end of a phone line, any time day or night, no scandal is too big for the pair to handle, together.

Outdoor Feels

Have you checked out Justin Bieber’s new music video for Skrillex produced “I'll Show You"? It features Bieb in a pool of icy water, wearing nothing but a pair of Calvins. It looks like he's entirely alone, but we all know that Justin Bieber is never alone. No matter where he goes, no matter what he's doing. Sonny's there, just out of shot, whispering directions backed up with Pinterest-worthy motivational quotes. Directions which Justin immediately obeys. 

Basically, Justin Bieber's life is now The Truman Show and Skrillex is that weird director in the sky who wears all black and a backwards beret.

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Written by Tamara Roper

03 Nov 2015