Eddie Halliwell waxes lyrical on the intricacies of 'boshing it out'.

We caught up with Eddie Halliwell ahead of his headline slot at The Gallery on Friday 6th November

Hi Eddie, how’s it going today?

All good….

Your previous Gallery visit was in April, to celebrate The Gallery’s 20th birthday – did you enjoy playing the classics that night?

Yeah loved the 20th Birthday, it was a privilege to be a part of it! It’s always good to dig out a few classics for events like the 20th Birthday… there’s so many tracks floating around you sometimes forget how good the oldies are!

Will Atkinson joins you in The Box this Friday, are you a fan of his style?

Yep. Will is a fantastic producer, I love his versatility. I actually caught him play for the first time a few weeks ago at Goodgreef in Dublin. Will came on after me and played a great set!

There's lots of excitement about your upcoming BOSH! tour, please explain the concept - for those who may not remember that famous cover-mount for Mixmag?!

Yeah I’ve done a few cover mount CD’s for Mixmag. A little time after the first one came out called ‘Bosh’ the idea to do some live events was suggested due to the interest in the CD. I suppose this is when the Bosh concept began. We weren’t sure how these events would go down but people seemed to love them. At the time the tour was heavily focused around the music on the CDs and it did exactly what it said on the tin – Bosh! Ever since, people have related the word BOSH to the style of music on the Bosh CD’s. At gigs they would ask "Are you Boshing it out tonight Eddie" or  ‘Come on Eddie give us some bosh’. 

‘Boshing’ it out isn’t something I always do, many things can influence and change the way I play, like the environment I’m in, my set time, the crowd in front of me etc. As a DJ and music lover I appreciate lots of different music and I don’t like to stick to one particular sound, that would be boring. This is something the purists’ give me stick for but I like to experiment with music, it keeps things interesting and exciting… like the famous saying ‘variety is the spice of life.’ But for those who like their music ‘Full Fire’ and like that darker more banging side of me, Bosh is back!

Hope you’ll be playing a few of those tracks in The Box?

I’m sure I’ll be digging out a few belters!

Finally, in good old Gallery tradition, three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Full of Fire!

Eddie Halliwell will be headlining The Gallery this Friday, 6th November. Get your tickets here.

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Written by The Gallery

02 Nov 2015