The Comedown Rundown

In a shock defeat for the forces of darkness, Simon Cowell's planned DJ X-Factor has been cancelled!

Here's everything that happened in the world of dance music while you were puking in a pumpkin

Simon Cowell’s DJ Show Has Been Axed

Why does Simon Cowell failing always feel like a triumph for humanity? The music mogul’s latest attempt at world domination has happily been canned by Yahoo for the second time, after it was cancelled in 2012. Entitled ‘Ultimate DJ’, the show was to be funded by Yahoo and promised winners a recording contract with Sony and a headline slot at a music festival. Likened to the “World Cup of EDM” (by the creators), lets keep fingers and toes crossed that another streaming service doesn’t buy out the show, as there’s a strong chance it’ll end up looking like this.


Ravers and Riot Police Clashed In London At Halloween

Police made a number of arrests over the weekend as the capital's annual Scumoween party ended in violence. Scumoween is a free squat party that has run every Halloween for a few years now. Scumoween: A Nightmare On Scum Street had 13,000 invited guests on Facebook with 4,000 down as 'attending'. The free party was due to start at 8PM on Halloween night and last all weekend. But when police began to block off junctions and access roads around 8PM unrest ensued. The crowd was eventually dispersed at 6AM Saturday morning, with four police being injured after being pelted with chairs, bottles and a reported petrol bomb.


Deadmau5 Plays Festival, 148 People Get Arrested

Catastrophe striking at American EDM festivals seems to be becoming de rigueur. This time round it was HARD festival in California that’s made the news. Headlined by Deadmau5, Hot Chip and Future, the local police force reported that 148 people were arrested on the first day for misdemeanours such as fake IDs and possession of “controlled substances”. Tut tut.


Baracksdubs Strikes Back With A Halloween Special

We've got a lot of time for those willing to dedicate themselves to the good cause of internet hilarity. Copy and paste extraordinaires baracksdubs have returned with a seasonal special, including wiggle dance and high notes. Spooktacular.

Oneman Is Latest DJ Targeted By SoundCloud Purge

Another celebrated DJ has fallen prey to the wicked SoundCloud Purge. The Rinse FM host took to Twitter to voice his frustration at the service deleting his oeuvre. Taking his vengeance one step further than his Can U Dance partner in crime, Jackmaster, he's fought the power by making the deleted SoundCloud mixes available on rival platform Mixcloud. Shots fired indeed.


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02 Nov 2015