Human Barbie Releases "Jack Your Barbie"

And it's surprisingly not shit.

October's been a big month for fans of Space Barbie

The Human Barbie, also known as Space Barbie, also known as Valeria Lukyanova made headlines across the world in 2012 when she announced that she'd spent silly money on making herself look like a full size barbie doll.

Then things took an even weirder turn as she got into meditation and spirituality and announced to the world that she was from another planet. Then earlier this year things got EVEN weirder, when she decided she was going to be a DJ and was putting together a tour that would be a transformative experience for those in attendance.

I guess when you've been through as many transformations as Valeria, then it seems like they're pretty easy to muster up, but whether or not she can give a whole room full of people dancefloor epiphanies with her music remains to be seen.

But perhaps the legions of doubters are about to be proved wrong as her first forays into DJing and music production have now emerged. Firstly we had Arrival Mixtapeback at the start of the month, followed up three days ago with her first production - "Jack Your Barbie" and now with the first episode in her hour long podcast series - Space Alliance Radioshow.

"Jack Your Barbie" is a deep house groover - that while obviously not setting the world on fire, still isn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Space Alliance Radioshow also wasn't the disaster it could've been. It's a fairly basic mix through future house set that at times veers into slightly weirder euro pop and off kilter trance territory, but, yeah it's not just Aqua's "Baribe Girl" sped up to 140 BPM on loop, so there you go.

My only real disappointment came from the absence of any out of body, transformative experience. Maybe she's saving that for the live show?

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Written by Matthew Francey

29 Oct 2015