Holding Court With Judge Jules

Jules runs us through life as a music lawyer by day and a DJ by night.

Court is in session with Judge Jules at The Gallery this Friday

Hi Jules, how’re you today?

Good thank you. The glass is always half full in my world (frequently with vodka!)

Hope the day job as an entertainment lawyer is still going smoothly? 

Yes indeed. I’m better described as a music lawyer, and most of my legal work relates to dance music (DJs, acts, labels, management etc) so the day job and evening job as a DJ, which on the face of it could be considered to be worlds apart, actually complement each other very nicely.

How was Judgement night in Ibiza this year? Good to see it's still going strong!

Ibiza is always something special, and in Eden I’m pleased to be associated with one of the few remaining Ibiza clubs that hasn’t been subsumed by VIP culture and bottle service.

Your last outing at The Gallery was in April, to celebrate The Gallery’s 20th Birthday at The Paperworks. How was the venue?

It was outdoors, and I’m no different from the next Brit. The moment you get me into the open air with some tunes and a glass of something cold a full on night out is guaranteed.

We're loving new track "Peek A Boo", how did it come about?

It started life as my own bootleg of another tune – I make stacks of my own versions of things – and it worked so amazingly on the dancefloor that I stripped off the remix parts and created a track that was all my own. The reaction and chart position have blown me away.

Do you have a classic Gallery anthem that you’ll definitely be playing on Friday?

I don’t believe in making promises I can’t keep, and DJ sets (especially at legendary clubs like The Gallery) should always be spontaneous IMO.

What are your views on this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 poll (if any)?!

I haven’t seen it to be honest, and haven’t focused on the DJ Mag poll in years. Do people still pay attention to it? I read somewhere that Like Mike & Dimitri Vegas had won, but more than that I couldn’t tell you. I’m more interested in DJs who are doing interesting things in this country rather than a rather bland international perspective on who’ll be next year’s headliner at a festival in South America somewhere.

And finally, use three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Re lent less

Thanks, your honour!

Judge Jules will be joining Andrew Rayel and Ben Nicky for The Gallery's Halloween Party this Friday. Tickets and more info here.


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Written by The Gallery

27 Oct 2015