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Ben Nicky

Ben Nicky is in the mix ahead of the Gallery's Halloween Party this Friday.

Ben Nicky is in the mix ahead of the Gallery's Halloween Party this Friday

The Gallery - Trans_Mutation 020: Ben Nicky by Ministry Of Sound on Mixcloud

Hi Ben, this mix is live from a recent gig in Buenos Aries – how was the show for you?

Ben Nicky: Hey guys. Yes Argentina is probably most Trance DJs favourite country to perform in due to the pure passion and energy from the crowd. No matter when you tour there the shows are always absolutely rammed and they live for the music which is such a good combination when it comes together. This mix was recorded live in Buenos Aires to around 10-12,000 people in a football stadium, perfect setting.

Does this festival setting impact the type of set you play?

Normally yes but in Argentina they really thrive off the underground psy trance and tech trance sound, so you don't have to worry about playing the "anthems" to keep a crowd entertained as you would at much more commercial festivals, this is also another reason why it's so enjoyable.

Favourite tune in the set and why?

Ben Nicky - "Red Alert". Not just because it's my own, but because I made this track purely for the type of people in this crowd.

How did you first get involved with The Gallery?

I think this may be my eighth show at the Gallery now, playing Ministry of Sound is always every DJ's dream so it was an honour when I was first booked to play years ago. The guys involved have always been loyal and booked me regularly as it's probably the closest big venue to my home town and there always seems to be a good amount of my fans, so together we have built a good relationship and hopefully will for years to come!

Any special surprises in store for The Box this time around?

I will be road testing my new single "Home Sick" for the very first time and lots of new mashups and bootlegs to keep people on their feet as usual. See you there!

Ben Nicky will join Judge Jules and Andrew Rayel on Friday for a festival of frights. Get your tickets here.


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Written by The Gallery

26 Oct 2015