Coat Check Chaos In Canada

A Canadian promoter has had to apologise after lack of security led to a free-for-all at a Disclosure concert on Saturday.

A Disclosure concert ended in disaster when crowds swarmed the cloakroom in a faux fur free for all

 promoter, Embrace, has had to make a public apology after the cloakroom at their Saturday events ended in chaos. In a video uploaded to YouTube, that then made it onto national news, event security and police can be seen looking on as hundreds of revellers storm the coat check in an apparent free for all. 

A very irate woman videoed the whole scene and event confronts police and security about the incident with little to no success. You can kind of sympathise with her though - post show cloakrooms queues are a nightmare and they'd be made about 1000% worse if you come out to see people rummaging through your stuff, even more so when you're in Canada in October. Our intern is from Canada and he assures us that it is most definitely coat weather!

The promoters have issued the below - rather optimistic apology - on their Facebook page:

We would like to sincerely apologize to those patrons affected by the coat check situation at the Disclosure event at Enercare Centre this past weekend.

We are working with our production team and the coat check operator to resolve this situation as quickly as possible and reunite people with their lost coats.

Anyone who has not contacted us yet should send an email to: with a photo of their coat check ticket, a description and picture of their coat if possible.

A member of our team will then personally contact each individual to discuss their concerns directly.

We appreciate your patience as we gather the necessary data and work through the process of contacting everyone.

Is worth pointing out that this had nothing to do with the Disclosure lads and hopefully the promoters can 'Settle' the situation ASAP.

*This article was amended at 13:40 on 21/10/2015. The article originally stated that our intern was from Toronto. This is not the case, as he is, in fact, a Vancouver native. We're sorry for any distress this inaccuracy may have caused.

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Written by Matthew Francey

21 Oct 2015