John Askew

Before supporting Psy-Trance pioneer, Neelix, this Friday, The Gallery sat down with John Askew.

Before he supports Psy-Trance pioneer, Neelix, this Friday, The Gallery sat down with John Askew to discuss the ethos behind the 'Open Up' concept and the irrelevance of modern day print

Hi John, how’s it going today?

Good thanks. 

Your previous Gallery visit was in January, celebrating 100 episodes of Simon Patterson’s ‘Open Up’ radio show. Enjoy the night?

Very much yes. It was cool seeing Simon finally headlining The Gallery and there being around 1750 people through the door. It was a good achievement for the brand and for our underground scene in general. 

Coincidentally Simon returns this Friday, how does your style fit in within his ‘Open Up’ ethos?

It fits pretty well I think. Open Up is more an attitude and a vibe than any form of specific genre affiliation, so while the DJ is playing an OU show, styles may differ – they are all carefully selected and programmed in such a way to ensure the night flows from start to end – Opening Up – from slower minimal sounds to pacey energetic in your face stuff at the end. 

Loving your track “Shine,” how did Sean Tyas get involved in the remix?

I asked him if he would remix it and he said yes. 

DJ Mag Top 100 is upon us once again, tip for this year’s breakthrough DJ in the Trance genre?

Our scene is driven by our own platforms and portals so what goes on in these kinds of hard copy publications has zero relevance to what we do and I don’t read them, follow them or have any opinions about them – except in reference to their lack of relevance.  

One track you’ll definitely be playing on Friday is…?

A new track called “Yea Yeah Yeah”. 

Finally, in good old Gallery tradition, three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Passionate. Intoxicating. Relentless.

John Askew will be playing alongside Neelix, Simon Patterson and Gai Barone this Friday at The Gallery. Get tickets.

14 Oct 2015