LADs #canteven Believe Calvin Harris

Only Calvin knows if *those* allegations are true, but the bigger questions is, why does anyone care?

LADs on social media just can't get over this Calvin Harris story

As has been widely reported, Calvin Harris has ALLEGEDLY ended his roughly six month relationship with pop princess Taylor Swift. After news of the split broke, some photos of the Scotsman ALLEGEDLY leaving a certain establishment surfaced and the Internet have put two and two together and ALLEGEDLY made four.

Word is Calvin might be on a bit of a sueing tip at the minute and we emphasise - yet again - that these are only ALLEGATIONS and for the moment there's no reason to believe they're anything more than wild speculation by the gossip mill of the Internet. We've said before that we think Calvin is a legend, so we're not going to repeat the UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS here, but we're sure if you can figure out how to Google, you can find out what ALLEGEDLY may or may not have happened.

To be honest what happens in someone's private life isn't of much interest to me, what is of interest to me is how people have reacted to the social media storm. Despite celebrity breakups being largely the preserve of gossip rags, this particular story has been of particular interest to LAD-orientated social media channels - or 'LADbook' to use a term I'm trying to coin. One can only assume that because the ALLEGATIONS in question involve what COULD be described as 'laddish' behaviour, the story has enthused online LADs with the sort of vigour they usually reserve for hungover Tindering.

Roughly 18 hours ago The LAD Bible posted the original story and the post has since attracted over 15,000 LAD likes with a further 4,200 LADs leaving their two cents in the comments. Not only is that the sort of engagement that makes community managers weak at the knee, but it also shows that for whatever reason this is of huge importance to the LAD population. 

Which leads us to the crux of the argument - why does anyone care? Granted Calvin's LAD credentials are certainly higher than your average DJ and yes Taylor Swift does seem to go through an awful lot of celebrity boyfriends. And yes IF this was what actually happened then it would, undeniably, be pretty funny. But since this is the Internet and it's one of the most famous couples in the world and the story's being disseminated by The LAD Bible, it doesn't take much of an IQ to figure out that the ALLEGATIONS are probably bullshit.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the whole story is the reaction to it rather than anything else. I guess LADs just really love celebrity gossip - who knew?

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Written by Matthew Francey

13 Oct 2015