Three Year Old DJ Storms South African Talent Show

Meet your new favourite DJ: a three-year-old from South Africa.

Meet your new favourite DJ: a three-year-old from South Africa

Whereas Britain's Got Talent seems to revolve exclusively around dancing dogs and pot-bellied Greeks, in South Africa, the show may have just stumbled across an actual prodigy. DJ Arch Jr is just three years old - but had been DJing since the ripe old age of one - and he's just wowed the judges on SA's Got Talent.

Speaking with a dumbstruck presenter, DJ Arch's father explained that he bought some DJ software for himself but that his son soon took a shine to it and has been DJing ever since.

Admittedly he didn't do much beat matching or mixing, but his filter and cross fade game is on point, so much so that the judges reached for the golden button that puts him straight through to the semi finals of the competition.

I'm not sure what sort of competition he's going to come up against in the later stages, but as South Africa is renowned for their love of house music, it seems like he might be in with a pretty good shot.

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Written by Matthew Francey

06 Oct 2015