Happy Birthday Instagram: Here Are Five DJs Your Feed Needs

Even DJs need to prove their lives are beautiful.

Happy Birthday Instagram, if you were a child you would be in primary school

To celebrate this worthy coming of age, we've put together five DJs and producers who constantly seek to delight, amuse and entertain with their antics. Here's to another five years of making our lives seem even more fabulous than ever. 


I lean heavily on ’Celebrity DJ Artwork’ as an example of how to be a Legend Online. With his hilariously captioned snapshots of modern life and consistently above average mischief documentation, it can’t be long now until ‘artwork_yes_its_art’ receives some sort of long form commendation for his contribution to the Internet.

Highlights: Recent diatribe on effectively stealing £200 from Natwest as a 13 year old boy.


Never has a man been able to make self deprecation look so amusing as Canadian sad lad Ryan Hemsworth. His account is a goldmine of kawaii-style ‘don’t look at me’ images, from posing with people wearing his own merchandise to regramming his own photobombing achievements, Ryan Hemsworth literally has #nofilter.

Highlights: Sitting on Billboard hottie Tinashe’s lap, wearing what looks like a pyjama suit.


An account easily mistaken for that of a travel photographer, kudos to Bonobo for using his #wanderinglifestyle to document the things he sees in the most beautiful fashion. Here lies more than just shots of crowds and DJ set ups. Click follow for rolling panoramas, endless vistas, and out-of-the-window-of-plane shots it would take an average person about ten hours to choose the right filter for.

Highlights: The gaze of a solitary Japanese newspaper seller.


The First Lady of PC Music is as much of a visual voyeur as you’d expect from someone who rolls with a crew who give away dildos with their music. Her Instagram is full of filters that surpass the basic Instagram offerings, all pinks and plastics and pouting. It’s a teenage girl’s dream.



In between the barrage of images of Garrix DJing to thousands, there are the occasional reminders of teenage humour. Helpful, because otherwise he really would just be a kid bragging about how he’s achieved more in about 5 years than you have in 20.

Highlights: Nice one. 

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Written by Tamara Roper

06 Oct 2015