Introducing: Teenage Mutants

Introducing Teenage Mutants, the man behind Hed Kandi's latest release, "Take Me Higher".

Hed Kandi has come out of record releasing hibernation with a beautiful uplifter of a track

Released on October 9th, 'Take Me Higher' by Teenage Mutants will take you to a place where the sun doesn't stop shining and the need to dance never wears out Eager to know about Hed Kandi's latest signee, we caught up with the man behind Teenage Mutants.

This is your first release on Hed Kandi Records. For those who may not be aware of you, tell us a bit about yourself.  

I am 27 years old, living in Frankfurt, Germany. I started to produce music more than 12 years ago. After going to the University I decided to focus on music, and now I'm here. 

What were your motivations and feelings when you were working on it in the studio? 

I never have any motivations on a track. It just comes. Lets call it 'flow'. If I'm in my studio I am testing some sounds and vocals and sometimes these tests become a track. So actually at the beginning of a track there is no structure, I have to develop the whole arrangement and the sounds. It makes it a lot of fun. 

Have you played it in a club to an audience yet? 

I played this track on several open air festivals. The reactions were really nice, I think the track will give you some happy moments.  

Tell us a bit about your other releases- where should a new Teenage Mutants fan start listening? 

I've had so many releases in the last 3 years. I think if you take a look at my Soundcloud profile, you can listen to my older tracks and see a sound development. But to name one track, I would recommend Ryan Dupree - Can You Handle It (Teenage Mutants Remix)

What’s been the song of the season for you?  

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - "Sorry I'm Late"

Can you name us some tracks you think are going to be outstanding in the coming months? 

Betoko - "Just Live" ( Teenage Mutants Remix ) 

Los Paranos - "Paranoia" (Original Mix) 

Where have you enjoyed DJing the most this year, and where in the world is your dream place to play?  

The best gig this year was in my hometown Mainz, at something called the Stil Vor Talent Festival. 

After this release, what can we expect from you?

More releases :)

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Written by Tamara Roper

02 Oct 2015