DJ Beef Of The Week

Prime cuts to full roast dinners, it's DJ Beef Of The Week!

You've got roughly half an hour until the end of the working week; what better to way to celebrate than with some DJ Beef!

The end of the month has proved a tiresome time for some of our favourites.

Premiere DJ aggro comes from Barely Legal, who knows whats up with this feature as she delivers the full on goods. SORT IT OUT UBER MAN, SORT IT OUT. 

You know it's all gone hideously wrong when something has been denounced by one of EDM's front runners. 

There's really no getting up from that, is there.

Coyu's cat nip flavoured beef this week is aimed directly at whichever budding DJ is hired to warm up his crowd.

Not desirable.

Meanwhile, B.Traits vocalises a common problem. 

Finally. A beef that man, woman and child can sympathise with from Bontan.

Avada Kedavra! Sometimes life deals you a shit hand.

A whole month of beefing can be found right here:

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02 Oct 2015