Festival Thieves Are Tweeting Photos Of Stolen Loot

We think it's pretty safe to say they're not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Some people calling themselves the #lootcrew are Tweeting photos of cash, drugs, Nikes and games consoles they apparently bought from the proceeds of stealing phones at TomorrowWorld Festival

The third edition of TomorrowWorld, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia and the American cousin to European favourite, Tomorrowland, has been having a pretty tough week. First inclement weather forced them to suspend shuttle services to and from the festival site, forcing hundred to sleep rough, then they had to close the third day of the festival to everyone but camping ticket holders and then they had to issue an official apology, after a disgruntled lawyer/raver threatened to sue them.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, it's now emerged that some guys on Twitter are posting photos of a whole hell of a lot of phones and saying that they stole them all from people at TomorrowWorld. Yes, it appears that these guys are saying the intentionally went to a music festival to pick people's pockets and rob tents, then flog the phones for cash to buy loads of weed, some Nikes and an Xbox One.

It's pretty hard to tell if these guys are for real or not, but one thing's for sure, if they are, they've got to be pretty dumb to be posting all this on Twitter. The sorts of people who go to music festivals to intentionally rob people are just The Worst and hopefully - if their bragging is true - they face the full extent of the law ASAP.

You can check out some screenshots we took from their Twitter accounts below.

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Written by Staff

01 Oct 2015